Battery Power Supply (UPS)

Radio controller with battery back-up (UPS)

NASSAU’s battery back-up solution for NASSAU sectional doors for the control type NCU310UPS is approved and certified in relation to applying standard EN12101-10 regarding fire ventilation. The back-up solution is approved for industry doors.

In environments with strict demands for make-up air and fire safety, we recommend this type of electrical remote controller solution, which is integrated with a battery back-up (UPS). UPS is a emergency power supply with a constantly charged battery, which takes over if the power supply fails. Normally, fire safe cables are included in the solution, which increases the safety further.


Connecting UPS

Our battery back-up is connected automatically to the building’s  fire safey system, from which it will, in case of smoke development and fire, send impulse to the door’s electrical controller, after which it is activated. The door will automatically open to the upper stop in case of fire or smoke development, regardless if there is a power failure in the door operation. The battery recharges depending on needs, and during normal operation, it is inactive. The solution can be used in combination with electrical controllers from NASSAU. With UPS and fire safety cables, you are ensured that the fire safety is in top.

We can now document, that our products are approved and certified in relation to the applying standard. If you want to read more information, we refer to the product paper below, where you can also see our certificate.

Door control NCU310




NASSAU UPS Certificate

NASSAU UPS certificate

NCU310 product data paper

NASSAU product data paper