Tracking system

NASSAU doors requires a minimum space for fitting, since the track system is adjusted to the building in each case. Depending on the space available and wishes, the doors run in the track systems, that makes it possible to open it in a vertical or horizontal position over the door opening, or under the roof. Usually, the door is placed as close to the roof as possible, since it ensures the most stable door fitting and optimal room usage.

This chapter explains the most used solutions for sectional door track systems, with relevant install dimensions for the fitting. If there is doubt about the choice of the correct track system, experts from NASSAU Door are ready to help you find the right solution, and provide technical consultation and guidance.

Correct choice of the technical solution for the track system, and a precisely executed fitting work ensures the sectional doors’ functionality. A stable placement of the track system results in a light and quiet opening of the door.

A correct fitting of the sectional doors’ component guarantees maximal heat insulation and tightness. Besides the mentioned track system types, NASSAU can also offer special solutions to e.g. 2 track systems curves. These kinds of special solutions should always be clarified with NASSAU Door A/S in advance.

architecture tracking system

Installation dimensions

track system drawing

Width is measured in the interior width. The sectional door’s height is measured from the finish floor level to the top frame. The excess height is measured from the lower edge top frame to the closest obstacle, like e.g. the ceiling, wires or other installations. The side space is measured from the door opening and to the closest obstacle. The zone that is drawn in grey shows the space, which the sectional door will need.  If there is a roof slope, this must also be accounted for. All NASSAU tracking systems comes with an interior wire run, which means safe door operation without risks of personnel damage.

Tracking system types

The tracking system is the track, where the door leaf traverse in the horizontal and vertical track systems, in relation to the building’s regular construction. The track system is fixed in relation to the space, which is available and the ceiling’s slope. When the best solution is going to be choosen, we recommend that you make sure f NASSAU Door’s many year long experience for measuring and fixing optimal track system.

track systems overview