Industry Door Gallery


Below you can see a wide range of industrial doors that we have made. If you can’t find an example of what you are looking, contact us and we’ll see if we can provide you with relevant examples!

NASSAU 9000F industry doors – highly insulated and sturdy

NASSAU door model 9000F is developed for intensive daily use. The sturdy industry door is made to be opened and closed countless times.

The hidden section joints is combined with the embossed surface gives the industry door a simple and harmonic design, which fits modern building.

Nassau 9000F interior
Nassau 9000F blue
Nassau 9000F blue no passdoor
NASSAU 9000F brown
NASSAU 9000F white
Nassau 9000F Black with passdoor

NASSAU 9000 Glass Industry doors – light and vision

NASSAU 9000G industry doors with windows are designed specifically for buildings, where there is a demand for a lot of lightning passing through the windows.

Elegant lightness is the keyword for the 9000G industry door. You can combine glass with other types of filling, and it is all rammed in with light but strong aluminium sections.

An example of what you can use the 9000G for are exhibitions!

Nassau 9000G car exhibit example
Nassau 9000G black
NASSAU 9000G no passdoor
Nassau 9000G blue with side passdoor
Nassau 9000G blue sectional door
Nassau 9000G black sectional door

NASSAU 9000 Mix industry doors – flexibility and light

NASSAU 9000M industry doors combined the best aspects from the 9000F and the 9000G industry doors.

You get light and simplicity in aluminium space frames and optional fillings. With this very same door you can also supply it with vel insulated foamed sections.

Nassau 9000M Black
Nassau 9000M black with white walls
Nassau 9000M black with passdoor
Nassau 9000 Mix with side door
Nassau 9000M black with pass door and white walls
Nassau 9000M white with no doors

NASSAU Energy industry door – insulation, light and design

NASSAU Energy industry doors combined optimal isolation capabilities, big inflow of light and an innovative nice design in a single industry door.

NASSAU Energy is an innovative solution, which reduces the energy usage, without compromising the functionality and quality.

Nassau energy sectional door car exhibit example
Nassau energy red brick wall example
Nassau Energy black colour red brickwall
Nassau Energy white colour
Nassau energy white colour with white walls
Nassau Energy car workshop white

NASSAU Panorama industry door – insulation with maximum inflow of light

The oblong Panorama windows sections without vertical frameworks creates a stylish and light weight industry door, which provided the best inflow of light.

NASSAU Panorama could for example be used in exhibition areas, where you want to show your own products like car-, boat- or camping trailers but also for car washes and the likes.

Nassau panorama sectional door car gallery example
Nassau panorama car exhibit example
Nassau panorama car wash example
Nassau panorama gallery example
Nassau panorama with side door
Nassau Panorama garage door example

Other examples

The following are other doors we have made, like roller shutters and steel doors.

NASSAU UK goodwin sectional door
NASSAU UK wednesbury doors
NASSAU UK garage doors with glass
NASSAU heathrow sectional door
NASSAU UK high sectional door
NASSAU UK sectional door example