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Reduce Energy Bills with High Speed Doors

The energy price cap in the UK is rising by 54% in April. This unprecedented rise has led many home and business owners to thinking of ways in which they can reduce their energy bills. NASSAU have a door solution in the form of high speed doors as these high performance entrance and exit solutions...
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dock shelter

The Security Benefits of Industrial Doors

What if we told you that it’s easier than you think to achieve top security, employee safety and streamlined working that keeps your business running smoothly? The colloquially termed industry doors are what we specialise in: premium industrial door solutions for a variety of businesses just like yours. If you are still uncertain about the...
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dock leveller to warehouse

How to Protect your Docking Bay

Dock bumpers were created to absorb impact during the loading and unloading process. By preventing a damage-causing collision and the scrapes that go along with the movement, you benefit from robust protection. Nothing is as effective as purpose-made docking bay products and industrial doors, UK-wide and elsewhere. Since they are placed on each side of...
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Stay Eco-Friendly with NASSAU Sectional Doors

All our sectional doors boast the same Danish quality that made us into the trusted name we are today. Variety is also a speciality of ours as we have several sectional doors to choose from because we are expertly positioned to provide you with the right door specifications to suit your environment. The NASSAU 8000...
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NASSAU Backs UK Businesses

Due to how far-reaching our services are, we’re sure you’ve heard the name ‘NASSAU’ before. Time is also a factor in determining the quality of a business as only a few survive to see decade after decade. We are one of the those lucky few. Since we are in the business of building high quality,...
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NASSAU garage door handbook

Why You Need an Industrial Door

A door is so commonplace that the many people are unaware of just how lucrative the right door solution can be for your business. As an industrial door company with over 30 years of experience providing bespoke, high quality industrial doors to a variety of businesses, we understand exactly how the right door can benefit...
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double garage doors in wooden building

What Makes Our Roller Shutters Different?

Roller shutters may seem simple to the naked eye, but anybody within the industrial or even commercial sectors knows how important a high functioning a roller shutter is to protecting their business. Not only is security of paramount importance when selecting your roller shutter door, but they provide optimum installation and fire protection too. At...
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Which Roller Shutter is Right for You?

We have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, installing and servicing industrial doors for UK businesses and that qualifies us as experts in the field of finding the right door solution for you. Our range of roller shutters reflects our ability to design different specifications in line with the varying demands of different working...
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Streamlined Working with High-Speed Doors

The doors of your building need to be secure, safe to use and fully operational to facilitate your daily operations. The right door solution is a matter of primary importance that only gets brushed aside as a minor detail by businesses willing to lose money. A high-speed door provides premium security, weather protection and safeguarding...
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