Industrial Doors


We offer a wide range of industrial doors that identify different needs. These include our sectional doors, available in several different models. In addition, there are our highspeed doors, which are also available in different models, each with its own unique product function. If you want a steel door, it is of course also possible with several models for different needs. For our industrial range, there is a wide range of roller shutters that improves the comfort and safety of your working environment.

Common to our models is that we do not compromise on quality and modern design. NASSAU manufactures doors according to the customer’s individual needs and desires, to fit the current design.

Sectional doors

Danish produced sectional doors – we guarantee a high quality for our sectional doors. Regardless of what you need them for, our sectional doors can fulfill various needs. Whether you need a sectional door that has a great inflow of light, a well insulated sectional door or just a sectional door that is easy to see through, we have you covered. Our sectional doors provides quality and safety for industry, agriculture & logistics, to mention a few industries our doors are used in.

NASSAU panorama sectional door catalogue

High Speed Doors

See our selection of high speed doors for indoor and outdoor use. NASSAU high speed doors are ideal to use in environments, where being able to open and close the door is essential. We can offer both a model for in-door use, and another for outdoor use. So if your work environment is fast and busy, a NASSAU high speed door is a great choice. High speed doors are perfect for industrial- and manufacturing environment, while guaranteeing optimal working conditions.

NASSAU highspeed sectional doors

Steel Doors

NASSAU Steel Doors are stylish, high quality doors that strengthens your security. Our Steel Doors are manufactured with the best strength and security in mind, so you and your employees can feel safe, while you are at work. We do not compromise on the quality, so you are guaranteed that our Steel Doors will keep unwelcome guests out.

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Roller Shutters

NASSAU Industrial Doors Ltd manufacture, supply and install a vast range of Roller Shutters to meet your exact requirements across the whole of the United Kingdom. Each of these are available in a variety of finishes including Powder Coated, Plastisol and Galvanised.

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Industrial Docking Bay Products

NASSAU Industrial Doors Ltd is proud to be recognised as one of the leading Industrial Door Suppliers in the United Kingdom but our range of products doesn’t stop there. We can offer you a wealth of Industrial Docking Bay Products as well ranging from Dock Levellers and Dock Shelters through to Dock Bumpers and Full Dock Traffic Light Systems.

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