Industrial Doors


At NASSAU, we manufacture a vast range of first-rate industrial doors that guarantee to suit the specific needs of your business. We provide you with industrial door systems tailor-made for your premises, whether that might be steel doors to strengthen security, sectional doors for optimum installation, high-speed doors for busy operations, roller shutters for their multi-faceted purpose or industrial docking bay products. What is the only form of exact replication you will find amongst our industrial door services? We never compromise on quality.  

All our industrial door systems are designed to correspond with environmental targets using the best quality materials by experts with decades of experience. Modern design meets high-functioning practicality in the form of NASSAU industrial doors.

Sectional doors

Sectional doors are a speciality of ours at NASSAU. Consistently produced in Denmark to guarantee the same stellar standard, we manufacture sectional doors to suit your needs.

If your company is focused on reducing your energy bills by conserving energy expenditure in a high-performing insulated sectional door, the NASSAU 8000 is for you. If you are seeking an equal balance of light inflow and insulation, or conversely need lots of light flowing through the windows, the NASSAU 9000G would function best for you. Advice as to which industrial door systems suit your needs best is always available from our excellent sales support team, and it is worth noting how our industrial door services are implemented across a range of industries, from logistics to fire stations, and beyond.

NASSAU panorama sectional door catalogue

High Speed Doors

High speed doors need to function well in fast-paced environments with minimal maintenance concerns. Our expansive range of high speed industrial doors are designed to upgrade your working conditions, by minimising energy costs and optimising the flow of pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

NASSAU high speed doors are suitable for indoor and outdoor environments and can easily be integrated into industrial and manufacturing workplaces.

Thanks to our decades of experience, we make installing the right industrial door solution simple.

NASSAU highspeed sectional doors

Steel Doors

Heighten your security and opt for NASSAU Steel Doors. Our range of steel doors are durable and secure, ensuring the safety of your employees and property. Tailored to suit your needs, some models are designed for maximum fire prevention while others prioritise noise reduction. Quality is never compromised, and optimum security is guaranteed.

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Roller Shutters

NASSAU Roller Shutters are used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. With over 30 years of experience we design, manufacture and install roller shutter to your specific requirements. Our range includes insulated roller shutters, fire rated roller shutters and aluminium roller shutters, which can be supplied in number of finishes including powder coated, plastisol and galvanised. Industrial Docking Bay Products

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Industrial Docking Bay Products

Loading bays are usually the busiest areas in logistics companies, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities – and the most dangerous. Our high-quality loading dock systems are the key to efficient and safe handling of goods. Dock levellers, dock shelters, dock bumpers and intelligent loading accessories ensure easier and energy-saving loading and unloading.

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