Industrial Docking Bay

Industrial Docking Bay Products

NASSAU Industrial Doors Ltd is proud to be recognised as one of the leading Industrial Door Suppliers in the United Kingdom but our range of products doesn’t stop there. We can offer you a wealth of Industrial Docking Bay Products as well ranging from Dock Levellers and Dock Shelters through to Dock Bumpers and Full Dock Traffic Light Systems.

With so many Industrial Docking Bay Products available across the market, we want to make NASSAU Industrial Doors Ltd. your “one-stop shop” for everything you need for your Loading Bays and Docking Bay areas. Please see below for some of the main products we supply, however please contact us for more information on the many other solutions we can provide via our contact form.

There are two types of Dock leveller the swing lip and the telescopic.

The Dock leveller is at the heart of any well designed loading bay. Its function is to create a platform between the loading bay and the delivery vehicles. As the heights can vary, the platform will lower and raise creating a smooth transition from one to the other. The operation is electro/hydraulic .

The standard dock leveller comes with a 6 ton dynamic load .

Dock shelters are a form of protection from the elements wind rain etc, the vehicles dock between the shelter which has side and top flaps which form a seal around the vehicles.

NASSAU industrial docking bay products