Dock Bumpers

Equip your docking bay with the pinnacle in docking bay protection against wear and tear: dock bumpers. Let our especially designed dock bumpers form a protective shield that absorbs impact during the loading/unloading process away from your vehicles and loading dock area. A simple wall fixture made from thick rubber is invaluable in protecting your property from damage, manufactured by our expert team.

NASSAU Industrial Docking Bay Products

Our team have been honing our trademark innovative approach to industrial door solutions in the UK since 1990 – enabling many businesses to protect their most lucrative assets: employees, vehicles, warehouses, industrial equipment. Our industrial docking bay products are subject to high standards during the design, manufacturing and installation process and our dock bumpers are similarly manufactured using the highest quality material.

Dock Bumpers – Key Features

Our rich history of precision in industrial door manufacturing has enabled us to create robust dock bumpers manufactured from thick, absorbing material that serves to shield your vehicles from incurring damage during daily operations.

Durability is a key component in what makes docking bumpers effective as it facilitates the high impact resistance needed to provide docking bay protection. Different sized warehouses can benefit from our innovative dock bumpers as we can provide the perfect fit for your specific docking bay.

NASSAU dock bumpers are resistant to adverse weather conditions, from rain to snow to high heat, and are similarly damage resistant in these conditions. Dock bumpers are both time and cost-efficient for busy loading docks: not only do you benefit from longevity in your docking bay area, but also in the docking bay products our expert team install.

Whether you are looking to protect your loading dock, warehouse, or building, dock bumpers are a simple solution with a big impact. All our industrial docking bay products are overseen by environmentally friendly manufacturing processes as we are ISO 9001; ISO 14001 and SSIP approved.

Contact our sales support team today to discover the benefits dock bumpers could bring to your loading dock.

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