Dock Levellers

Dock Levellers

Dock levellers are an essential part of any docking bay, and we have utilised our expertise in door solutions to bring you high-performing dock levellers UK businesses can benefit from unanimously. Since we have over 30 years of expertise, our dock levellers have our signature durability that embeds them with longevity and only the highest quality.

Bridging the Gap

The primary function of a dock leveller may seem simple in description: to bridge the gap between the loading bay and delivery vehicles by creating a platform for safe passage. Given the importance of its function however, installing high quality dock levellers is non-negotiable. The operation is hydro/electric to enable as a smooth transition and we always supply individually tailored dock levellers to your facility. To ensure safety during the loading and unloading process, our expertly designed dock levellers facilitate safe passage as the platform will raise to the exact level required. Not only will your employees benefit from protection, but your equipment and the goods in transit also benefit from damage protection.

Levelling the Platform

We have two types of dock levellers available: swing lip and telescopic dock levellers.

  • Efficient levelling is provided by swing lip dock levellers as their durability provides a reduction in impact and an increase in support. Time-efficiency is highlighted by easily maintained swing lip dock levellers as their functionality is widely suited for a range of industries and operations.
  • Our telescopic dock levellers allow you to position the lip of the leveller to the precise location you need it to rest to give you the most efficient loading/unloading area. It also extends the contact area and are easy to operate.

Our dock levellers are manufactured in line with our stringent quality standards and commitment to providing technologically innovative door solutions. 

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