Dock Shelters

Dock Shelters

Dock Shelters are designed to provide a protective barrier that seals the vehicle around the entrance as a shelter from adverse weather conditions, heat loss and additional interference that costs you time and money.

Weather-Resistant Insulation

The security benefits of dock shelters are transparent as the physical barrier provides a separation between your inside environment and the vehicle loading/unloading process. Not only does the separation provided by dock shelters empower you with an energy efficient way of working that circumnavigates the otherwise inevitable loss of heat, but it also serves to eliminate the risk of any draught damaging goods in transit. Our innovative dock shelters enable you to maintain climate control as you are not subject to such a high frequency of temperature changes, which has both remunerative benefits regarding your energy bill and employee advantages as working conditions are improved. Dock shelters streamline the loading and unloading process by providing continuous weather protection and time efficiency.

UK Weather Protection

All our docking bay products are manufactured and installed according to your bespoke requirements and fitted to your building with precision. Dock shelters, UK-wide, provide weather protection that is particularly pertinent to UK businesses as rain, snow and high winds often occur suddenly. Without utilising dock shelters, there is a real risk of damage to both your goods and high-value equipment; our highly experienced team can provide an innovative dock shelter solution that is bespoke to your building.

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