Dock Traffic Light Systems

A busy loading dock requires safeguarding measures that protect employees, vehicles and equipment while streamlining the loading/unloading process. NASSAU can provide a first-rate solution in the form of our dock traffic light systems.

Premium Safety

Stay in compliance with safety laws by installing LED light traffic lights with a simple-yet-effective red and green light system that is a standard part of maintaining an efficient docking bay operation. NASSAU dock traffic light systems are built with the same quality that makes us a trusted manufacturer & supplier of all our premium industrial docking bay products.

The manufacture and installation of your dock traffic light systems is carried out in accordance with your building requirements and operational processes. What makes our traffic light systems different is not only the cutting-edge materials and technology we use but the bespoke approach we provide to ensuring their longevity as a crucial part of safeguarding your business.

As an ISO 9001; ISO 14001 and SSIP approved manufacturer, we are also positioned to aid your company in being eco-friendly in your practices and industrial docking bay products. The LED lights are programmed to respond only in the context of signalling to your vehicles when there is safe passage, so your energy bills are protected from unnecessary expenditure too.

Due to our versatility in design, we manufacture dock traffic light systems that fit in with your environment in terms of aesthetics and size. Custom requirements and adaptations are available upon request as our expert team are committed to creating a custom fit you will benefit from.

The performance of our products is tested every time as we are reliable manufacturers with dock traffic light systems that keep your workplace safe and secure.

dock traffic lights with lorry reversing