DYNACO M2 Power High Speed Door

The DYNACO M2 Power High Speed Door is specifically designed for outside applications with intensive use. It protects your environment against wind, rain, snow, dirt and extreme temperatures for over 1,000,000 operations. With opening speeds of up to 2.4 meters per second (depending on size) and patented side frame assembly using neither blade nor brush system, the DYNACO M2 Power High Speed Door offers improvements to your traffic flow, whilst providing increased employee comfort through safe systems, environmental control and savings on your energy costs.

The DYNACO M2 Power High Speed Door comes with crash forgiving and self reinserting technology as standard. The curtain will automatically reinsert itself if it becomes dislodged from an impact or other force allowing a reduction in repair costs and no production down time for your business.

DYNACO M2 Power is designed with intensive use in mind, meaning that it is built to be used frequently. It will remain sturdy and can endure extreme temperatures, wind, rain, snow and dirt for countless operations.

Due to the fast opening speed, the traffic flow in your work environment is able to flow along a lot more seamlessly, creating a more productive and effective work environment. As a result, you will also be able to save time and money.

Available in sizes up to 9000mm (w) by 5500mm (h), the DYNACO M2 Power High Speed Door is available in a range of colours.

► Opening Speed: Up to 2.4 m/s depending on size
► Superior Seal, Wind Resistant: Patented side frame assembly. No Blade nor brush systems. Up to wind load class 4
► Patented “PUSH PULL” Technology: Unique door drive system
► Crash Forgiving and Self-Reinserting without Intervention: The curtain automatically reinserts when dislodged. No repair costs, no production down time.
► User Safety: Flexible curtain without rigid elements
► Comfort of use: DYNACO wireless detector at the bottom
► Advanced Drive: Frequency driven motor and encoder for smooth operation and reliability. Wearable elements are reduced to a minimum
► DYNALOGICAL Control Box: User-friendly control box with self-diagnosis
► Conforms to EN13241-1

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