Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters

NASSAU Industrial Doors Ltd manufacture, supply and install a vast range of Roller Shutters to meet your company’s exact requirements across the whole of the United Kingdom. Each of these Roller Shutter Doors are available in a variety of finishes to suit your brand and building, including Powder Coated, Plastisol and Galvanised, as we believe aesthetics can combine with functionality to create a Roller Shutter door tailored to your business.

► NASSAU 1000PU – Push Up Roller Shutter
► NASSAU 1000HC – Hand Chain Roller Shutter
► NASSAU 1000TM – Single Phase Tube Motor Roller Shutter
► NASSAU 1000E     – 3 Phase Electric Roller Shutter

Our engineers employ a variety of effective techniques to create multi-functional Roller Shutter Doors that are compatible for both industrial and commercial buildings. From Aluminium Roller Shutters with a lightweight feel to Insulated Roller Shutters that provide optimum insulation; protective Fire Rated Roller Shutters and more, our Roller Shutter Doors are manufactured to exceptional quality control standards.

All our Roller Shutters have full Wind Load testing to EN 13241-1:2003

► Class 3 Certification EN12444 – 22SWG 65mm Guide (No Wind Lock)
► Class 4 Certification EN12444 – 22SWG 65mm Guide (Wind Locked)
► Class 5 Certification EN12444 – 20SWG 100mm Wind Locks

All our Roller Shutters are available in standard lath, Punched Slots, Brickbond Slots or Perforated Slots to give you a plethora of choice in regard to the design of your door. We can also manufacture Roller Shutters up to 10,000 mm wide by 10,000 mm high to suit bigger buildings. Since we imbed several features into each of our innovative designs, our team are more than happy to answer any questions or explain in further detail via email at

NASSAU light blue roller shutters

Roller Shutter Doors

Our roller shutters are versatile and practical and can be supplied with a range of automation options to provide the right door solution for your workplace environment. To find out further information on each of our roller shutters, browse our insulated roller shutters, fire rated roller shutters and aluminium roller shutters below, or contact us to enquire about our other Roller Shutters options. Our friendly expert team have the expertise to ensure you receive a Roller Shutter Door that fulfils your bespoke requirements so we are always happy to answer any questions.

Find out more about the range of features and style options available for our insulated roller shutter, the fire rated roller shutter and the aluminium roller shutter here.

Insulated Roller Shutter

The NASSAU Insulated and fast acting Insulated Roller Shutter have been developed to provide high security and outstanding insulation all at the same time.

NASSAU insulated roller shutters

Aluminium Roller Shutter

The NASSAU Clearview and NASSAU Panorama Aluminium Roller Shutter are designed and manufactured in our Manchester factory from extruded interlocking aluminium lath. They are suitable for Shopping Malls, Airports, Counter Services, Retail Units and Car Parks.

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Fire Rated Roller Shutter

The NASSAU TM (Tube Motor) and FF (Face Fixed) Fire Rated Roller Shutter are designed and manufactured at our Cheshire based factory from scratch using the latest steel cold rolling techniques.

NASSAU fire roller shutters