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NASSAU Sectional Doors for Industry, Agriculture and Logistics

Multi-Functional Sectional Doors


NASSAU provide you with a wide range of sectional doors with different functions according to what serves your purpose the most. Alongside having high-performance industrial doors to choose from, your workplace is enhanced further by the adjustments we can make to help you meet your industry-specific targets. NASSAU maintain high-quality industrial door services by provided ever client with the same Danish quality that secured their place as industry leaders in the industrial doors sector.

Danish Quality
NASSAU quality

We believe maintaining the same premium quality is achieved by providing our customers with consistency and a speedy service so every single one of our sectional doors are produced at our factory in Denmark. While industries across Europe benefit from our high quality industrial doors, from the logistics to agriculture sector, the uniting factor between every workplace is the signature quality we have been providing since 1970. 

Wide Variety
custom made doors

We have ensured your workplace benefits from the industrial door service we provide by giving you a variety of intricately designed sectional doors. The quality remains the same, but the functionality differs according to your specific needs. If your workplace requires a lot of light to flow in through the windows, the NASSAU 9000G is the perfect choice for you. Or if you would prefer to combine a good mixture of light inflow and insulation, we would recommend the NASSAU Energy. These are just a few examples of the multi-faceted reach our sectional doors provide, and if you ever need help deciding, our sales support team are here to help.

Safe and Secure
NASSAU security

Safety is of paramount importance to your workplace to keep your staff and your equipment safe and secure: our sectional doors are designed with this in mind, and you can be rest assured that the industrial doors we produce are always made in accordance with the changing landscape of safety requirements. Tested every time, our sectional doors are high-performance and certified as secure by the experts we employ to provide our premium industrial door services.

Environmentally Friendly
NASSAU insulation capabilities

A commitment to behaving in an environmentally conscious way is becoming increasingly non-negotiable for businesses and the benefits it brings remuneratively are also rising in transparency. Innovative by nature, we created the NASSAU 8000 to help you conserve energy expenditure while in operation, in turn reducing the numbers on your energy bill while boosting your green credentials simultaneously. We claim our NASSAU 8000 is the best insulated sectional door on the market because the U-value is the best amongst all other competitors. We made sure of it.


Replace your ordinary sectional door with our innovative NASSAU 8000 Extra Insulated Door and reduce your energy consumption by up to 70%. Industrial doors are our speciality, so we created this sectional door with an impressive U-value of 0.43 W/m2K to help you to converse energy. We are proud to say this is the lowest U-value on the market and will help you to see a huge saving on your heating bills as a result, as well as an increase in your sustainability practices.

NASSAU 8000 smaller section

NASSAU 9000 Foam Sectional Door

The NASSAU 9000F has been designed to sustain high-performance in fast-paced work environments. Sectional doors should be easy to operate so we have ensured the NASSAU 9000 is efficient, simple in design and durable.

NASSAU 9000F blue door example

NASSAU 9000 Glass Sectional Door

Especially designed to let a large amount of light flow in through the windows with transparency in terms of being able to see through the glass, the NASSAU 9000G is a sectional door compatible with workplaces such as car exhibits, where clear vision on top of security is a key requirement.

NASSAU 9000F sectional door example

NASSAU 9000 Mix Sectional Door

If you are searching for a sectional door that fuses functionality with aesthetics, the NASSAU 9000M is the perfect choice. A light aluminium space frame combines with highly insulated foam sections to provide you with both style and substance.

NASSAU overview of sectional doors available


A low-insulation value industrial door with a large inflow of light and a sturdy aluminium frame, the NASSAU Energy sectional door helps you to reduce your energy consumption while providing you with a durable door that suits your work environment.

NASSAU sectional door catalogue

NASSAU 9000 Panorama

The NASSAU 9000 Panorama is a sectional door specifically designed for buildings that require maximum natural light to flow through. Clean lines give the door an aesthetic appeal alongside the visible lack of vertical bars that otherwise incur obstruction. Especially recommended for warehouses, production environments and car showrooms, the NASSAU 9000 is revolutionary in its design.


NASSAU panorama model

Innovative design meets unwavering quality with each of our sectional doors. As industry leaders in terms of delivering industrial door services, we manufacture your chosen selected door in accordance with your specific needs.

Variety is provided in the form of a vast colour and accessory selection to once again solidify our ability to give you bespoke industrial doors, UK-wide and across Europe. From the best insulated door on the market to industrial doors with a width over 10 meters and custom garage doors for optimum safety, we have the door solution you are looking for.