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NASSAU Sectional Doors for industry, agriculture and logistics

 Sectional doors any needs

With a sectional door from NASSAU, you get industry doors in top quality, which fits exactly your needs! Depending on what you need for your company, then NASSAU can offer various different sectional doors, that can be adjusted to specifically your needs. If you have any questions about which door fits your needs, then you are always welcome to contact us on phone 0800 046 3254. We are always read to offer you our knowledge.

NASSAU quality

Our sectional doors are used in many different industries in Europe, such as logistics, agriculture and fire stations.  All NASSAU sectional doors are produced at out danish factory in Denmark. This way, you are guaranteed top quality and service, and that you can get your sectional doors as fast as possible. This is only a few of the many benefits by buying danish produced sectional doors.

custom made doors

We have a wide selection of different sectional doors for you to choose between. This means that we can offer a door for any needs. Do you e.g. need a sectional door with a lot of light flowing through the windows, then NASSAU 9000G is ideal for you. If, on the other hand, you want a sectional door with good inflow of light and insulation? Then maybe NASSAU Energy is a better choice.

NASSAU security

NASSAUS emphasizes ensuring, that our sectional doors provides our customers safety on the workplace. We do this by, among other things, making sure that our sectional doors lives up to the newest and most secure requirements for doors. At NASSAU we thoroughly test all our sectional doors, so we are certain that our customers gets the most dependable and quality minded doors on the market.

NASSAU insulation capabilities

Do you also think green? Do you want the best insulated sectional door on the market, and save a lot of money on the power bill and reduce energy loss? Then we have the ideal sectional door for you – NASSAU 8000! NASSAU 8000 has the best U-value among all the sectional doors on the market. This means that you can save a lot of the money on the power bill with a NASSAU 8000 sectional door.


NASSAU 8000 is the best insulated sectional door on the market, with the U-value being 0,43 W/m2K.
The NASSAU 8000 sectional door has a 82 mm thick door leaf sections with CFC-free PIR-foam. Effectively interrupted thermal pastes results in the lowest U-value on the market, and as a result also high energy-saving.

Reduces energy consumption with 70%.

NASSAU 8000 smaller section

NASSAU 9000 Foam Sectional Door

NASSAU 9000F is the sectional door for intense daily usage. Simpel design, durability and economics goes hand in hand and provides a particularly sturdy and easy-to-operate sectional door.

NASSAU 9000F blue door example

NASSAU 9000 Glass Sectional Door

NASSAU 9000G is designed for buildings where there is a big need for light flowing through the windows, or where you want a possible to look inside. This could for example be in relation to car exhibits or car washes.

NASSAU 9000F sectional door example

NASSAU 9000 Mix Sectional Door

NASSAU 9000M sectional door is the perfect combination of functional design and stability. By combining highly insulated foam sections with the light aluminium space frame, you get a sectional door, which combines functionality and aesthetic.

NASSAU overview of sectional doors available


The NASSAU Energy Sectional Door combines optimal insulation values, large inflow of light and a revolutionary design all within one door. An innovation solution that reduces the consumption of energy without compromising on functionality and quality.

NASSAU sectional door catalogue

NASSAU 9000 Panorama

The NASSAU Panorama Sectional Door has been designed specially for buildings where a lot of natural light is required, as the windows do not have any vertical bars. The door appears elegant with its clean lines and allows lots of light into the building. It is suitable for use in car showrooms, warehousing and production environments.


NASSAU panorama model

All sectional doors from NASSAU are individually manufactured based on our customer’s needs. Our selections span normal garage doors to industrial doors with a width over 10 meters, and the best insulated door on the market.

Our selection of colours, filling, windows and other accessories is nearly endless, but one thing they all have in the common is the uncompromising quality and modern design, which has always been characteristic for NASSAU doors.