Sectional door colours

NASSAU standard colour

Your buildings are a visible part of your company – and your doors are a visible part of your building. With a NASSAU 9000F sectional door, you decide the colour on your new sectional door.

NASSAU sectional doors are available in many colours

NASSAU standard colours represents the current trend in the market, but we can give you the offer, to paint the sectional door in the colour you want.

NASSAU 9000F sectional doors are available in either aluminium or steel. We offer a wide range of pre-painted, weatherproof standard colours, with a minor extra charge. Standar colours, which are available with a weatherproof surface. Look to the right for standard colours we offer.

NASSAU classic garage door colour options
NASSAU 9000F sectional door in blue with windows

NASSAU special colours

A NASSAU sectional door can be choosen in exactly the colour you want. Our range of standard colours covers the most prevalent and requested colours, but we can deliver sectional doors in any colour from the RAL-scale. Enameling in special colours are done based on a special enameling system, so we can ensure the right quality.

Enameling is done with a durable and weatherproof two-component acrylic resin paint. In addition to our standard wet paint system, we offer two additionally, different enameling systems.




9000F used in workshops


9000F sectional door used in agriculture

Storage, factory and logistics

Blue NASSAU 8000 energy-saving sectional door

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Technical description of NASSAU colours can be found in the brochure below

NASSAU sectional doors brochures