Nassau 9000 Mix

Nassau 9000 Mix Sectional Door

Isolation & Light

With the NASSAU 9000M Sectional Door (Mix) you can combine the best from the 9000F and 9000G in one door. Offering the brightness and lightness design elements of the 9000G matched with the highly insulated foam sections of the 9000F you can create a door to suit any of your needs.

NASSAU 9000m for industry with side door

The NASSAU 9000M Sectional Door can be supplied in a range of colours, please see the full colour chart here

The NASSAU 9000M Sectional Door can be supplied with a variety of different track systems depending on the nature of the installation and the space availability, please see the full track systems here


The NASSAU 9000M is a combination of the 9000F and 9000G models. It combines insulated sections with glazed sections. The bottom section always consists of a 9000F section with highly insulated polyurethane foam and a section height of 675mm with a thickness of 44mm.


The NASSAU 9000M Sectional Door panels are one of the best insulated on the market. The door leaf is constructed with broken thermal bridges in the form that ensures that outside temperatures will not be transported through the door leaf and into the building. The combination of highly insulated polyurethane foam and effective broken thermal bridges gives outstanding insulating values.


The NASSAU 9000M Sectional Door panels are supplied with a wide range of different windows. Windows are supplied in 2.5mm double standard acrylic (SAN), alternatively they can be supplied in a combination of tempered glass or polycarbonate.

For more sensitive environments and display windows we offer an acrylic filling with a scratch resistant finish that protects the windows against annoying scratches. Fillings can also be supplied as perforated for use with car parks and other uses.


The NASSAU 9000M Sectional Door is equipped with strong sealing strips which protect against wind and rainwater from the outside. The top seal is fitted on the top section and all other sections are equipped with a sealing strip. the bottom section is equipped with a rubber profile with internal and external lipseals. The vertical tracks are also equipped with a side sealing strip that secures strong tightness.

NASSAU 9000 Mix black sectional door for industrial use


Logistic, warehouse and production centre

NASSAU 9000M warehouse inspiration


NASSAU 9000M workshop inspiration


NASSAU 9000M agriculture inspiration

A manually operated NASSAU 9000M Sectional Door is supplied with broken spring protection and can also be supplied with broken wire protection. It is designed with patented finger protection between the sections, which makes it impossible to get your fingers crushed while the door is moving. The danger of crushing your fingers between the door rollers and the vertical tracks is avoided by the use of protection plates. The NASSAU 9000M thus fulfills the EN standard in force and the requirement set in connection with CE marking.

Nassau 9000M white with no doors