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NASSAU offer the perfect hybrid solution in the form of the integrated pass door. This solution negates the requirement for having a sectional door and a separate pedestrian door on your property.

Both built-in and separate pass doors are made in extruded, anodized aluminium sections to make it a robust door solution that looks refined and offers supreme weather protection.

Due to our expertise in door solutions, we give you a range of options on our sectional doors. Our NASSAU 9000 sectional door can be manufactured with an integrated pass door in the door leaf to heighten the security of the tight-fitting door.

Built-in doors always open outwards, however they can be fitted to either the right or left hinges to suit your requirements. When you utilise the convenient technology of an electric controller, a contact in the door ensures the sectional door can only be operated when the door is closed. A finger-trap protective guard is also fitted as standard to safeguard all traffic.

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Pass Door With Low Steps

Our purpose-built pass door is available for fitting with our NASSAU 9000F, 9000G and 9000M sectional doors in addition to all types of rail systems. It is available for sectional doors that are up to 6 meters wide and the specially made bottom hinges are available in both galvanised and rust-free versions. The steps are galvanised in addition to being powder coated in white aluminium (RAL9006) to provide optimal aesthetic and protection.

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High Quality

We are proud to present high quality industrial and garage door solutions that utilise the latest technology and we never compromise on providing premium products. The NASSAU integrated pass door is no exception. Another way in which we heighten client convenience while retaining top quality is by incorporating a reduced fitting time in the integrated pass door as the bottom sections are pre-assembled from the factory and uniform in their quality.




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