Integrated pass door


NASSAU can offer a solution that works well between a sectional door and a separate door. With door panels manufactured in the same materials and colours as the sectional door, we can give you an aesthetic and practical package deal.

Package solution

If you want, NASSAU 9000 can be manufactured with an integrated pass door in the door leaf. Due to the sections’ height on NASSAU 9000, the pass door only extends to 3 sections, which provides a tightly-fitting door – an a very stable door.

Provided the door is equipped with an electrical controller, a contact in the door ensures that the sectional door can only be operated when the door is closed. Built-in doors are always opens out, but can freely be fit to either the right or left hinges.

Both built-in and separate pass doors are made in extruded, anodized aluminium sections, which maintains its elegant surface, even during troublesome climates.

For safety reasons, we recommend you place a pass door on the side of the door, to avoid collision with traffic.

NASSAU pass door
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Pass door with low steps

NASSAU’s new pass door is available for the NASSAU 9000F, 9000G and 9000M sectional doors. This new pass door with low steps is available for sectional doors that are up to 6 meters wide. The pass door is also available for all rail systems. The specially made bottom hinges are available in both galvanized and rust-free versions. The new base profile (steps) is galvanized and afterwards powder coated in RAL9006 (white-aluminium).

pass door for 9000F

Same high quality

We do not compromise on the quality. The new pass door PDLS is produced with the same high standard as all other NASSAU products. The pass door profiles is manufacture in exuding, anodized aluminium profiles. The new pass door comes with a great finger pinch guard between the sections. Furthermore, the door’s bottom sections are delivered pre-assembled from the factory, so you get a high quality and reduced fitting time.




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