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Nassau Steel Personnel Doors

Sturdy and secure doors.

At NASSAU we can offer you a wide range of steel doors, each for difference uses. Our steel doors are made to last, and to create a feeling of safety and comfort for your buildings. We can offer you steel personnel doors, fire doors, high security doors and acoustic doors.

Our personnel steel doors are stylish with a design that is secure. We have various models available for personnel steel doors, which you can read more about here.

Our fire doors are designed to prevent a fire from spreading for specific periods of time, which requires certain certification to ensure the best protection. You can read more about our fire doors here.

Our high security doors are made to give you the best protection on the marketplace. They are tested to provide great strength and security, while being visually appealing. Our high security doors will help keep you safe and comfortable in your workplace. You can find more information here.

Our acoustic doors helps giving you privacy, by reducing noise. We currently have 3 models of the NASSAU acoustic doors for you to choose between. You can find more information about our acoustic doors here.

Steel Personnel Doors

Our NASSAU 5000 Steel Personnel Doors deliver stylish looks with secure design across the entire range. We have a wide range of options available to suit many different needs!

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Fire doors

Fire doors are designed to contain and prevent the spread of a fire for a specified period of time, this means that all fire doors must hold a certification that guarantees the minimum amount of protection the door will provide in the event of a fire.

NASSAU fire doors

High security doors

Our High Security Doors are designed to offer the best protection for you and your workplace, independently tested to the highest levels they provide strength and security whilst continuing to look great at the same time. 

NASSAU high security doors

Acoustic doors

The NASSAU Acoustic Door has been designed to offer privacy and to reduce noise pollution from one area to another offering a level of acoustic attenuation of 35 to 50dB by varying the infill of the doorblade and frames.

NASSAU acoustic doors