Steel Doors

Steel Fire and Security Doors

Safe and secure steel doors.

We design and install high-quality steel doors UK-wide and across Europe because we believe in delivering the highest standard to the workplaces that need our reliable service. Given our expertise, we have devised a vast range of steel doors for different industries, including steel personnel doors, fire doors, high security doors and acoustic doors. It is our innovative approach that positions us as industry leaders and our steel doors reflect that with their intelligent design.

The fire doors we have created have reached the required certification for preventing the spread of fire as we are serious about providing the best protection. Our steel personnel doors come in a variety of models with a secure yet stylish design.

All our industrial doors are tested to ensure we provide robust and sturdy steel doors to protect your building. The high security steel doors we have devised keep your staff and equipment safe while also being aesthetically appealing because we refuse to compromise on any aspect of our steel door manufacturers role.

Noise reduction takes precedence with our acoustic doors, of which you can choose between three models. Privacy is guaranteed with every steel door we manufacture at NASSAU, as well as security.

Steel Personnel Doors

Our NASSAU 5000 Steel Personnel Doors deliver stylish looks with secure design across the entire range. We have a wide range of options available to suit many different needs!

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Fire doors

Fire doors are designed to contain and prevent the spread of a fire for a specified period of time, this means that all fire doors must hold a certification that guarantees the minimum amount of protection the door will provide in the event of a fire.

NASSAU fire doors

High security doors

Our High Security Doors are designed to offer the best protection for you and your workplace, independently tested to the highest levels they provide strength and security whilst continuing to look great at the same time. 

NASSAU high security doors

Acoustic doors

The NASSAU Acoustic Door has been designed to offer privacy and to reduce noise pollution from one area to another offering a level of acoustic attenuation of 35 to 50dB by varying the infill of the doorblade and frames.

NASSAU acoustic doors