Acoustic Doors

Acoustic Doors

The NASSAU Acoustic Door has been designed to offer privacy and to reduce noise pollution from one area to another offering a level of acoustic attenuation of 35 to 50dB by varying the infill of the doorblade and frames.

We currently supply three models of the NASSAU Acoustic Door; these being the AC35 tested to reduce 35dB, the AC45 tested to reduce 45dB and the AC50 tested to reduce 50dB all in line with EN ISO 717-1:1997 and EN14351-1 product compliant standard.


Thickness – 56mm (27kg/m² blade only) NASSAU AC35 Acoustic Doors
Thickness – 52mm (45kg/m² leaf only) NASSAU AC45 Acoustic Doors
Thickness – 100mm (61kg/m² leaf only) NASSAU AC50 Acoustic Doors

Material – 1.2mm corrosion resistant Zintec/Aluzinc sheets as standard. Also available in Stainless Steel.

Infill – A mineral wool core NASSAU AC35
Infill – A combination of layers of plasterboard, mineral-fibre and rubberised sheet NASSAU AC45 and AC50

Construction – Doorblade manufactured from 1.2mm sheets lockformed together, by bonding two steel skinds around a rigid core, using a no-weld construction.

NASSAU acoustic doors
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Construction – Folded from 1.6mm Zintec/Aluzinc and filled with plaster. Screw and tab construction with 4no. adjustable fixing feet per jam. Acoustic doors are manufactured to suit the structural opening and use a four-sided frame and acoustic seals. To prevent creating a trip hazard a 50mm channel is cut out on site for the bottom of the frame. The frame is fitted with 3no. Class 13 stainless steel hinges with 2no. security dog bolts.


Standard – Polyester Powder coated from Standard Colour Range (contact us for more details)

Optional – Polyester Powder Coated from non-standard colour range, PVC laminate from standard range, Woodgrain PVC laminate, Stainless Steel, brushed, polished or patterned and Unfinished for site finishing.


Doors are custom manufactured in 10mm increments for single openings 690mm to 1200mm and double openings 1290mm to 2400mm, at heights up to 2700mm – NASSAU AC35 and AC45

Doors are custom manufactured in 10mm increments for single openings 690mm to 1000mm and double openings 1290mm to 2000mm, at heights up to 2500mm – NASSAU AC50
pdfAC35 Full Technical Specifications
pdfAC45 Full Technical Specifications
pdfAC50 Full Technical Specifications

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