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garage door repair by NASSAU

 Door repair 

Door repair

24 hours a day – 365 days a year!

We offer repair of doors all over the country. Through our always manned service phone, you can always get in touch with a service technician.

For emergency repairs, you can contact us from 08:00am to 4:30pm on phone 01782 418700.

For emergency repairs out of hours, you can contact us from 4:30pm to 08:00am on phone 07973 369609.

Repair of all doors

We are experts at NASSAU Door, but we offer repair for all industrial doors, regardless of the manufacturer. Additionally, we also offer repair of other material. Our service technician havde many years experience in repair of loading ramps, door locks etc.

Damaged doors

An industrial sectoional door is made to be used, but even the best door can be damaged. It usually happens with someone running into the door or other types of impact. A run in can damage safety features on the door, and as a result lead to risks of personal injury. Therefore, it is important that the door is inspected, so the security is in top condition. At NASSAU we have skilled and experienced service technicians, who are specialists in door repair.

Quick repair of doors

A damaged door often comes with demands for quick correction and repair of the door. Therefore, NASSAU has built an effective and flexible door service department, which ensures quick repair of doors. We guarantee that we will arrive on the following day at the latest.

Other door services

NASSAU’s door service doesn’t only move out, when a door doesn’t work or has been damaged. We also offer offer a service check on doors and other materials. The check of industrial doors is compulsory and must be done minimum every 12 months.

Spare parts for doors

We have a big spare parts warehouse and we make sure, that our service cars are always full of the necessary equipment. NASSAU’s service technicians only use original spare parts. Additionally, we have a dedicated service workshop, which takes care of special assignments, so we can fix any type of door repair.

Order repair of door

Order repair of doors here. We arrive the following weekday at the latest.

You are also welcome to contact NASSAU on phone 0800 046 3254 or write a mail to